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Summer camps

RSI Juan De Fuca Braefoot Aug 24 2023 ©KevinLightPhoto _EV14795_edited (1).webp

RSI Multi-Sport Camps

This multi-sport camp will introduce your budding athlete to the foundational movement skills they need to be familiar with hockey, baseball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, rugby, lacrosse, golf, basketball and football. Leaving competition on the sidelines, this camp allows connections to your child’s world to teach sports.


EcoQuest Earth Science Camp

Come and experience the beautiful ecology that surrounds us! In this full-day camp, participants will be involved in activities and adventures that will connect them to the natural environment. The program will consist of science experiments, cooperative games and plenty of outdoor adventures including Kayaking!  Participants will have the opportunity to visit the ocean, marshes or wetlands and participate in a variety of activities that allow participants to discover the magnificent British Columbian coast.


Intro To Kayaking

Paddle your way to becoming a kayak pro! This camp is great for first-timers and those who are looking to develop more skills. Explore different locations on the water while learning safety, terminology, tips and tricks! All required safety equipment and kayaks are included. ​


Kayaking Essentials

The next step after successfully completing the "Introduction to Kayaking Camp". Kayakers will continue to build on their skills including advanced paddling, safety, rescue and trip planning while exploring new locations on the water. Each day will be more challenging. Campers are required to bring a basic wet suit, however, all required safety equipment and kayaks are included.

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