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Meet our coaches



Ethan Prawdzik
Head coach

I was born and raised on the prairies of Southern
Alberta! I am 22 years old and currently completing my BSc in Marine Biology from the University of Victoria and I will be graduating this June! My main interests of my degree have been on wildlife conservation and ecosystem preservation, with a personal fascination of coral reef ecosystems. I am particularly interested in looking at the effect that top level predators, such as sharks, have on ecosystems and their importance for conservation.

What were your favourite childhood hobbies? As a kid I spent a lot of my time exploring outside and playing hockey.

What was your favourite childhood book or movie? My all time favorite movie as a kid, and one of my favorites now is Surf’s


What do you consider to be the most important quality for someone working in childcare?
I believe the most important quality is respect. Treating all the children with the utmost respect in order to best foster their development.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?
I would probably want to be Grimlock from the Transformers. Just because I cannot think of anything cooler than being a giant robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex.

What is your favourite thing about working with children?
Just being able to see and experience the joy that is childhood, and be a
part of making such important memories and experiences with the

How much experience do you have working in childcare?
I began working with children 9 years ago as a swim instructor, and have
since been employed in different aspects of education ever since in
aquatics, fishing and coaching.


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